WordPress Tutorials Archive

WordPress Tutorials Archive

How to Change the Menu Color in a WordPress Theme

Sometimes you find the perfect theme, but you just need to change an element or two. Like the color of the menu perhaps. The theme customization option doesn’t always allow you to do this, so you need to write your own custom CSS. Here’s a detailed tutorial with screenshots on how to do that step by step.

How to Notify Subscribers of New Posts in WordPress

It’s a good idea to send an e-mail to your subscribers who’ve signed up for post notifications. This way, you don’t have to rely on them getting the news from Facebook or Twitter. Here’s how to ensure a more targeted notification system using the MailPoet plugin.

How to Scroll Down to a Specific Page Element in WordPress Using JQuery

Are there some pages on your site, where you want your users to automatically scroll down? This snippet of code will allow you to do exactly that. You can make changes to it to customize it for your own requirements, like selecting which element you want to scroll down to, and on which pages it should apply.

How to Use Javascript in WordPress Posts

Inserting Javascript into WordPress posts can get complicated. You can disable Javascript tags site wide via wp-config.php, or you can use a plugin to achieve the same effect.

How to Selectively Change the WordPress Language and Locale

Setting a proper language attribute for your WordPress pages will allow browsers to render your pages properly. Here’s how to change it, and where it’s stored in the database. In addition, you can also change the language depending on the specific page. This tutorial shows you how, with screenshots.

How to Remove H1 Headings from the WordPress Editor Dropdown

Do you want to remove the “Heading 1” option entirely from your WordPress editor? It’s understandable because it can harm your SEO if you use it in the content and take away focus from the page title. This article shows you how to achieve this with screenshots and code.