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PHP Tutorials Archive
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How to Install Apache, PHP 7, and PHP-FPM on Ubuntu

PHP is everywhere and is, without a doubt, the most used programming language on the Web. However, PHP is not recognized for its performance. This tutorial explains how to install and configure PHP-FPM to improve the performance of your website.

How to Install suPHP for PHP5 on CentOS 7

suPHP allows PHP to run securely in a shared hosting environment so that users don’t have access to files they didn’t create themselves. Unfortunately, official support for suPHP was stopped a while ago. However, patching it to support the latest versions of Apache is easy. This step by step tutorial with screenshots will show you the entire process from start to finish.

How to Protect PHP Web Forms From CSRF Attacks

CSRF or Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks make use of already authenticated customers to submit forms to sensitive sites like banks. This article shows you how CSRF attacks work, and how to protect PHP forms.