How to Add Business Hours to Your WordPress Site

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It’s crucial to make your business hours available to your customers. It facilitates contacts, making appointments as well as site visits. Your customers and suppliers need to be able to find your business schedule easily.

Adding your opening hours to your WordPress site is simple. Some plugins developed for this purpose already exist. Here are two that I tested for you.

Plugin #1: Business Profile

This plugin allows much more than adding opening hours to your WordPress site. It adds all the information about your business, such as the address, phone number, and geographic coordinates displayed on a Google map.

The main advantage of this extension is that it generates the necessary schema code for search engines. This code allows search engines to find information about your company. This information is then used, for example, to feed business profiles into search results:

google schema business hours

To install “Business Profile,” click on “Plugins > Add New” from your WordPress dashboard. Search for “business profile” then install the plugin developed by “Theme of the crop”:

adding wordpress business profile plugin

When the installation is complete, enable the extension. Then click on “Business Profile” from the main menu of the WordPress dashboard.

Fill in a minimum of information at least:

wordpress business profile informations

Then scroll to the “Schedule” section and set the opening time of your business:

business hours schedule

Note that it is possible to define additional time slots by clicking on “Add another opening time.” When done, click on “Save Changes.”

Adding Business Hours Using a Widget

Now that opening hours are set, you must use a “widget” to display them on your website. Click on “Appearance> Widgets” from the main menu of the dashboard. Then find the “Contact Card” widget and select the location where you want to display business hours:

wordpress add widget

Click on “Add widget” and then locate the chosen container. In this case, it is “Footer Two.”

wordpress widget opening hours

Check the “Show opening hours” box of the “Contact card” widget and click “Save.”

Adding Business Hours Using Shortcodes

To add your opening hours to an article or a page, insert the following code:

[contact-card show_opening_hours=1]

There are several other settings to change the display of your company information. You can find the complete list of parameters here.

Verify That the Opening Hours Are Displayed

Go to your website now to verify that the hours of operation are displayed in the designated area:

business hours website footer

Note that the time display format is the one defined in the global configuration of WordPress. If you want to change the display format, click on “Settings > General.”

Verifying the Structured Data Output

To confirm that Google recognizes the data provided by the Business Profile extension, use the test tool at

Enter the address of your website and click on “Test”:

google structured data testing tool

Then find the item “openingHours” in the results:

google structured data openinghours

Your local business listing will reflect these changes in the weeks that follow.

Plugin #2: Business Hours Indicator

The second plugin I have tested is straightforward to use. However, the free version does not generate a structured data schema.

To install it, click on “Plugins > Add New” and then search for “business hours indicator.”

wordpress business hours indicator plugin

Install and activate the extension. Then go to “Settings > Business Hours Indicator” to configure it.

First, select the time zone and the time display format:

business hours indicator plugin timezone

Then select the “Hours” tab and click on “Add location.” Give the location a name and click on “Add”:

business hours indicator plugin new location

Still, under the same tab, click now on “Edit hours” and then add the opening hours of your business:

business hours indicator edit hours

Click on “Done” once the hours are entered. Now select the “Indicator” tab. From there, you can change the “Now Open” and “Now Closed” message that will appear on your website:

business hours open closed message

Finally, click on the “Table” tab to change the display settings as needed. If you want to group the days with the same business hours together, select the “Consolidated” view.

business opening hours consolidated

Adding Business Hours Using a Widget

From the WordPress dashboard, click “Appearance > Widgets” and then locate the widget named “[BHI] opening hours overview.”

[BHI] opening hours widget

Add the widget to the desired container. Then locate the container to configure the widget:

opening hours widget settings

Enter a title and select the location for which you want to display business hours.

Adding Business Hours Using Shortcodes

The “Business Hours Indicator” plugin allows you to display office hours within a page or article. To do this, copy this code into a post:

[mbhi_hours location="New York"]

If you can edit your WordPress theme, you can also add your opening hours using the following PHP code:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[mbhi_hours location="your location name"]'); ?>

Verify That the Opening Hours Are Displayed

Go to your website now to ensure that business hours are now displayed:

wordpress show opening hours footer

I hope this tutorial will help you to show your opening hours on your WordPress site. If you use other extensions to this effect, write in the comments!

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